CAD-Comuter Aided Design

Making a two points view perspective in Adobe Illustrator

First i watched two tutorialls:
1. The Pen Tool
2. The Perspective Drowing
from Lynda website

I’ve created a new project with a Web definitions
Then located a two points perspective grid on my layout and observed a photo i took of the RushHour game
I started with sketching the game’s board and later on the bricks

Rounded Image

3D modelling in Rhino of the game’s board and its parts

Importing the board and two kinds of bricks' prototypes Breps into Grasshopper
By setting a basic point and a vector i was able to oriented the bricks on grid of points i’ve created for mapping the game’s board
while i was orienting the bricks i’ve set for each brick a different course
for setting the courses i’ve looked on a card of the game presenting the first level and its solution
In order to animate the solution moves i used a code i’ve found (see attached file, and a video with explanation)

Rounded Image

The videos were edit with Adobe Premier Pro (see atanched tutorial about the subject)

Mapping the differences and benefits of the listed softwares

in order to decide in which software to experiment i’ve created two tablets
One that compares between the 2D and 2.5D softwares

Rounded Image

and the other one that compares between the 3D softwares

Rounded Image

The information was gathered from the lecture about Computer Aided Design

Attached files of the exercises you can find here