Principles and Practices, Project Management

Work through a GIT tutorial Build a personal site in the class archive describing you and your final project.

How I did my website

The first challenge of the course was to create a website that will be weekly update through the Fab Academy and present my work. It’s important that the website will be simple, communicative and fast loading. As I have no previous background in web development I was looking for a framework that will help me designing my own website.

Bootstrap is a popular framework for web developing. It is one of the largest open source project in the world. It created at Twitter and still serving as the company style guide for internal tools development.

Over Bootstrap platform I found Creative team which is a startup that creates design tools. It’s includes Premium Bootstrap themes, templates, UI Kits and more developments. Over Creative team I chose Material kit as a template for my website. Material kit is a free UI kit with a young modern and pleasant design.

In order to edit the template code to suit my website and include my content I needed a text editor. I started working with Brackets which is an open source editor appropriate for web development created by Adobe Systems.

Example of adding a picture to the web page:

My index web page can be seen over the background. In the outer red square there is a split screen of Brackets, the text editor, in which over the left the HTML and over the right the image. Highlighted in red the text line that adding the picture to the HTML.

Generating an SSH key

An SSH key allows you to establish a secure connection between your computer and Fab academy’s GitLab.For generating my SSH key I followed the steps from this page.
Stages of the generating:

  1. cat ~/.ssh/ (cheking for existing SSH key)
  2. ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "" (generating a new SSH key)
  3. Pressing enter for useing the default of prompted location and filename.
  4. The identification and public key location
  5. pbcopy < ~/.ssh/ (copying the public key to the clipboard and pasting it to intended place)
  6. cat ~/.ssh/ (cheking for existing SSH key)

‘Pushing’ my site to the class archive

Source control and version control are an unfamiliar fields for me. My colleague Guy Shalev with previous experience guide me through and gave me headlines for the working flow. following his advice I chose to work with GitKraken which includes a user interface rather than the command line.

The working protocol:

First I created a folder in which the Fab repository copy will be downloaded. Over Git Kraken with a file and clone repo selected I defined the path to my earlier created folder and enter the following URL:
The Fab repository’s copy downloaded with choosing the ‘clone the repo’ and approving the action with entering my username and password.

Staging and Pushing:
  • Pull from the Fab repository

  • Staging all/selected changes- each change made on the website files or adding/removing files will appear in the panel

  • Commit- before hitting the commit writing a message that describes the update, the message will appear in the action command

  • Push this action will enable the update for my online website

***Hint: how to stop tracking '.DS_Store' files***