computer-controlled cutting



-Cut something on the vinylcutter



A vinyl cutter is a type of computer controlled machine. Small vinyl cutters look like computer printers. The computer controls the movement of a sharp blade. This blade is used to cut out shapes and letters from sheets of thin self-adhesive plastic (vinyl).

The symbol is a synthesized hummingbird was conducted in the Adobe Illustrator program that facilitates the creation and editing vectors, these can be printed or laser cut, the purpose of the illustration is to create a vinyl that is decorative.

I worked worked with the Adobe Illustrator program which facilitates the creation and editing of vectors, which can be printed or laser cutted.


For this part of the assignment i cutted two designs. The first one wasto help on a project which is being developed in fablab puebla which is a 3D interactive wall.


The second one was the logo of my alma mater and home of Fablab Puebla Iberoamericana University, for my laptop.

Fab Academy 2016 • Oliver Ochoa Garcia • Fab Lab Puebla • Mexico •



-Design, make, and document a parametric press-fit construction kit


As for the second part of the assignment creating a press-fit construction kit, due to my hobby building models of different vehicles I decided i would do my own model, specifically a boat which is my favorite vehicle.

I decided for a galley for the structure i would follow, because in my opinion it has a simple yet elegant design

I decided to use Autocad as my design program because it's the program in which i have the most experience. For most measures I used an already existing boat model I bought sometime ago. However i made some slight changes by adding masts and sails to my design. I started a simplistic design where i have a keel and i make the hull by adding a type of rib to it. In two of those ribs I added masts from where the sails would support.

As for the sails i decided to use a flexible parametric kerf desgin. I tried a few of them to see how much would they bend and how aesthetic it looked as a sail for a boat

I finally decided for the pattern shown on the next picture

Before I finally made my galley on my selected material(MDF 3mm) I tried it on cardboard first which is a cheaper material, to test how it fitted, and how it looked on a physical prototype in case i decided there was something i wanted changed in my design.

Seeing the prototype i was happy with how it looked and decided to create the final version.

And here we have the final product.

I did two projects, the second one was inspired in magnet construction sets. where you have simple shapes such as triangles, squares and polygons.

Using 3 mm MDF I decided to do 3 basic shapes, a triangle, a square and an hexagon.


I started with the square, i decided to have 6 entrances so you can form both 45° and 90 degrees shapes.

Then I made the triangle Using 60 degrees separation for entrances.

Finally I made an hexagon, so i could use mostly as joins.

Ande here's an example of a small pyramid i made