-Design and 3D print an object


For my 3D printing assignment i decided to use grasshopper to create a design which could not be made subtractibely. I started with a base circle which using the scale block i made into an oval. that same oval was copied and moved on the z axis and finally the original circle was moved to the desired height of my design.(Step 1), next i used loft to and then surface to create a brep i could work with (step 2), next i used wire to create a wire mesh from my brep (step 3) and finally i used pipes ans solid join to finish my design (step 4).

Grasshopper script

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Once i had my design I exported it into an stl so i could work in cura where I gave it a brim platform so it could stick better and scaled it to a 50x50x100 mm product which i then transformed into a gcode which i could upload to the ultimaker which was my printer of choice

Printing Video

The print took more time than what Cura had calculated totalling to a 5 hour print, also it's worth mentioning that the print surprisingly didn't require any supports even with It's complicated geometry

Final Product