Fab Academy 2016 • Oliver Ochoa Garcia • Fab Lab Puebla • Mexico • oliver8agar@gmail.com



What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?


I think that I completed an almost successful first prototype I'm still having problems with the  ethernet communication, but I need (and want) to work more on it and try to achieve the goals i had in mind when I proposed it specially to have go to small industries and be reliable. Also I want to still reduce the price of the PLC even more which may be acomplished by removing the trough hole relays, which will also have the advantage of reducing both weight and size of the PLC.


What has worked?


The general idea has worked, however there's still much to learn on electronics to make it more reliable.


What hasn't?


The production of the PCBs isnt as easy and open to people as I initially thought, it takes quite a bit of experience making PCBS to make one that big and double sided.


What questions need to be resolved?


Learning a bit more of integrating circuits with a packaging which is quite a challenge.



What have you learned?


Integrating circuits which is what I'm more experienced with, to packaging and products, specially with interfacing