Me at fablab

My journey at fablab cept started ago one and half year ago. I was in my college and i was running one student initiative and it came in my knowledge that 'Makerfest' one of the initiative associated with fablab CEPT needs help and after getting partnered with Makerfest, i started visiting fablab regularly and i found really interesting environment; intelligent, intellectual, knowledgeable, geek people around the lab. Found people working on some serious projects, some were doing or making something, some having fun by making few things.




The Environment around the Lab attracted me to visit it again after the event, then i became a regular member of the lab and then i started learning about the machines around simultaneously working on my projects. I liked to help others with the machines around and than one day i grabbed the opportunity to become an assistant in the lab.




So hear i am working for the lab and now i want to take my learnings to the next level through Fab Academy course.