About me

By education, i am doing my bachelor of engineering from state university currently. In addition i am an assistant in the fablab CEPT . I like to work on anything in which we can still visualize the possibilities, in which we can still  find some better solution or a better way of making something or producing something.

I actually started with mechanical designing and in a short period i found out my area of interest.

And now i started working just as a designer and started from zero into home decor and furnishing.

I like to work on project which can affect more people, hence i like to work on problems in which we can find some better solutions at economic price for people.

In future i am interested in Furniture designing.

I am  really very inspired by Indian cultural arts.

I am working on making designs based on cultural arts  execution with modern technology.

Other than these i like nature, cooking, history, cricket, etc.