Week-17 applications and implications

Some question and answers about my final project


what will it do?

I have an idea of a combination of hardware and software with which anyone is capable of taking 360 degree images with less or no skill of that field.


who's done what beforehand?

There are different technologies and a set of cameras available with which you can take the images and the you need to compile the images. but they are costly and needs a good human hand to handle or needs multiple camera for taking images which is costly.


what materials and components will be required?

You will need components like servo motors, arduino, few 3d printed parts and you will be able to make the stand of 360 degree image.


where will they come from?

I am using easily available parts such as servo motors, Arduino as controller and you will need a 3d printer in your lab also.

Servo motors and arduino boards are locally easily available in robotics shops and you can also get it from ebay.com anytime.


how much will it cost?

It won't cost you much, because that is the core idea after this hardware and it's application.

One will have to spend few dollars to make this hardware and you will be able to use this with you mobile phone camera also.


what parts and systems will be made?

Except electronics, each and every part of it will be made with almost 3d printer, mounting for phone and housing for motors and arduino will be made.


what processes will be used?

There is no extra process for making any part or component or anything.

the flow of work is like;

identifying current available designs and their working, Angles and number of images for good quality image, Making and gathering all the components and parts, Assembling, coding, testing and documenting.


what tasks need to be completed?

Main task is to make a hardware which works with the least number of motors and developing those parts which houses these components and work accordingly.

I was not good with electronics and coding but i have learned it and i think i will be writing a code for my design.


what questions need to be answered?

There are few things on which i am working.

Angles of photographs- I will do this while taking an images with existing camera and stand available.

Number of photograph- This will be also done while taking an image with the device

complexity in patching the photographs- I am looking for mobile application which does patching without much efforts and complexity.


what is the schedule?

I have started working on the the mounting.

I will get all the components by the first week of june.

I will start assembling from the second week and start side by side coding.

I will present my final Presentation on 20th june.


how will it be evaluated?

It can be evaluated from the quality of the images as well as easiness/complexity of the working, from the patching of the images,etc.


Flow of work for the final project:


Hardware is one of the most important part of my final project.


  • Defining exact usability and simplicity
  • defining functionality
  • defining user group
  • looking for mobile application to run the software
  • looking out for available competitions
  • find Cost effective materials
  • start with 3D design
  • Planning to use as many processes as possible
  • fabrication of the parts
  • adding electronics
  • finding the logic behind coding
  • programming the circuit to behave as i want
  • testing
  • going back to make changes if needed
  • testing with different codes
  • documentation

I have already started with some of the processes like designing and choosing the material and i have left some of them to the time because sometimes things changes as we work on something, it changes with the progress.