Week-15 Networking and Communication

One more assignment with electronics, chips, lots of wires, but this time it is very different.


Previously for other assignments related to electronics i found it easy after some extend but this time i have nothing in my mind, how ?? what ?? where ???


i was looking on the internet about linking two or more circuits and commutating thrnd h them.


I found out that we can communicate through two arduinos


i saw the connections on the website of arduino and also found out that one of the fabber has also done networking through arduino.


I followed steps from Internet


SO let's see how it works.


Connection for them are available on the website of the arduino. which you can see in the following image

Connect both the arduinos as shown in the figure


Program both of them according to the code of master and slave as shown in the picture below.



I modified the code according to my sensor and output that i want.


from LDR sensor i want arduino to Dim or bright the LED light according to the light outside.


You can see the following screen-shots to get an idea about programming the master and slave arduino.

Now we are connecting both of them and you can see that LDR sensor is attched to the Master arduino and Slave arduino has the LED light which shows the output through intensity of the light.


consider the following images and Video.

After coding is done, they just need power, which i have given from mobile adapter.


Communication between arduino and Computer


I wanted to see digital output of physical entities.


Here i have attached LDR, Sound sensor and gas sensor to arduino MEGA.


I could not usearduino Uno because it has only one 5 volt pin, so we had to use breadboard which makes it bulky, hence i have used arduino MEGA with three 5 volt pins.

In the above video you can see the digital output on the LRD sensor, black circle moves horizontally with the LDR and It moves in vertical direction with gas sensor.




Consider following image which shoes numeric output of the LDR sensor, here we are networking computer and arduino again.



Master write


Slave read