Week-2 computer-aided design

My base field is Mechanical, hence i am working with part modeling and assembles.

I am used to work on Solidworks, AutoCAD, rhino and learning sketch-up.


There are different usability of different softwares


As i am doing part modeling and assemblies i use solidworks for it.


Positive points:

- Allows good assembly tools with video making of the assembly

- Simulation tools are available and easy to use.

- Easy to make 3D part in this as you just have to click the tool and it will do it

- Relations between objects made are really very good thing that we get in solidworks; it enables us to find out

   errors in our designs very easily



- it makes every object individually

- it don't allow you to join objects into one, hence more objects means more space and it consumes more RAM

   at one time.

- It's heavy in size

- you need powerful PC for this software

Table made and assembled in solidworks


I started with rhino when i started with cultural carving designs; I had to make everything in CAD and previously i was using solidworks and Autocad, but with hundreds of the objects these software needs a powerful PC.

On the other side, Rhino 64-bit is just 452 MB.

You Can work easily in rhino with hundreds of objects, it gives you easy accessible tools and it is easy to learn rhino.

It also works well in 3d but there no assembling of parts and no simulation is there in the rhino, but for part modeling or 2d drafting i highly recommend rhino.

Final Project

CAD modeling and concept drawings

As a part of this week assignment we had to Make our final project drawing and CAD modeling.


Final Project:

Automatic 360 photo generation: compatible with any Device with Camera


  • Compatible with with mobile phones, tables or digital cameras.
  • Light weight
  • Cost effective
  • Accurate images even with mobile phones
  • Rendering of the images becomes more easy
  • can be an open source design
  • simple basic electronics
  • No human efforts needed
  • Small in size

This is one the project which i always wanted to work on for better precision with less devices and which can be used with any of the basic devices which one have.

So as shown in image there is a stand on which you can mount any of your camera devices and which works on 3- degree of freedom. which can be rotated as any other camera stand can but here the rotation will be automatic.

We have to work on timing to take the images and angles involved, devices used, image compositions, rendering,etc.

With the help of this stand one can create high resolution 360 degree image of any space with less human efforts and with greater accuracy.

Anyone can get clean perfect 360 images with the help of this stand either a 10 year child or a granny who loves to click picture.

I am going to use simple technology in this device but i have to work a lot on timing of image taking and with different camera technologies.

Side view  containing housing which can rotate in vertical and horizontal planes with two different motors.

Sectional view showing different parts in different colors which can be made of either metal or Plastics