Week-6 Electronics design

Redesigning the circuit using Eagle PCB design software


This circuit with LED and button is being redesigned by us.


Initially eagle was easy for us but when it came to joining the wires it became very hard for me as i am not from electronics field.


Let's Start with eagle


Initially i found this assignment very difficult due to REDESIGNING word. One of our friend was here in the town for few days. He taught us the flow of working on the electronics designing.

He helped us understand the circuits, it's parameter, values of the components used.


We started with

  • understanding of schematic diagram
  • making schematic diagrams and connecting the components
  • value calculations of the components
  • PCB design software(Eagle)
  • Making schematic file
  • exporting board
  • connecting and arranging all the components
  • making .png images for milling

Lets' start with Eagle

Start screen

starting new project

starting new schematic diagram

Screen of the schematic circuit


Left side penal with tools for building a circuit

Starting to add components

ATTINY 44 in fab library

Adding all the components one by one

Giving values to all the components

Drawing the wires and connection in schematic circuit

Exporting and arranging all the components in board circuit and then saving them as png images

Hiding other layers and showing only traces and then cutting toolpath

Components we need for the Hello ISP board:


  • Micro-controller
  • Crystal 20Mz
  • USB connector
  • Ribbon connector
  • Zener diode
  • Jumper wire
  • Switch
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • LED