Diego Dal Canto
Fab Lab Toscana - Fab Academy 2016



I'm an Electrical Engineer graduated in 2010 in University of Pisa, as what concerns international studies I spent 2 months in Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Chicago as an internship in 2008 and the same year I spent 6 months in Istambul with an Erasmus exchange program. I started working in 2010 in the Operation & Maintenance of photovoltaic fields and the same year I was employed in Enel which is my current employer. Enel is a multinationa Utility of electricity and gas with 60M customers, 90GW capacity and presence in 40 countries

In Enel I started in the Research and Innovation Division where I worked in projects related to renewables, energy efficiency, storage and value added service for retail customers. In 2015 my position changed to Innovation Management and in particular an holding function aimed to find StartUps and new Business Models to catch new and innovative business opportunities for the whole group. This position is very exciting since it put me in contact with the more promising technology and social trends worldwide like Internet of Things, BlockChain, and of course...Digital Fabrication!

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