Links to Fab Academy weeks where I worked on my final project

In Week 2 I drew up the guitar, first in 2D and then 3D.
In Week 5 I worked on the cover for the P90 Pick-up and the Guitar Slide Light.
In Week 7 I milled out the neck in the Shop Bot.
In Week 13 I made the main part of the Digital Board.
In Week 15 I worked on the analog board, the Led board and programming.
In Week 17 I made a bill of materials for my project.
In Week 19 I worked on the guitar body, fretboard, front plate, electronics and programming.



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List Of Files

Final Project Files

  • Slide guitar Inkscape
  • Slide guitar Rhino
  • Guitar neck files
  • Guitar body files
  • Topplate files
  • Fretboard files
  • Pick-up cover file
  • Bridge files
  • Buttons files
  • Digital board files
  • Analog board files
  • Led board files
  • Programming files Arduino
  • Guitar slide light files