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This portal would show the works and documentations of all the assigments that I undergo during Fab Academy Diploma (2017) course.

About me, Ganadev Prajapathy

To tell something about me, I'm from Trivandrum, India. I'm a B.Tech graduate in Computer Science Engg. and have been working as a Software Engineer for over a couple of years. I worked on Google App Engine and have grown to be a full stack developer with Python as my main background. I always had an affinity towards DIY stuffs and very fond of design & arts. And IOT !!

I intend to connect with more people, along with understanding a means to materialize concepts and ideas into actual products. Working on ideas without proper knowledge in electronics have always put me in dark. I will edit this part at the end of this 6 month course :)

I got to update after almost 6 months, I'm leaving with a lot more knowledge in prototyping using 3D designing, Laser cutting, CNC machine, electronic design and its production, moulding and casting and definitely soldering, these all proves to be very useful skills. I was able to successfully complete a project that I had in mind for sometime.

Final Project

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