_FabAcademy 2017_Oscar Díaz

_About this guy

I am a young yucatecan architect who is not interested in doing regular things for architects so a I get in the very big, global and innovation trouble: Fab Lab Yucatán in a very interesting and weird project The HubLab.

From the small but wonderful and colorful city in the world Mérida, Yucatán, architect graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán that has developed in areas such as built heritage, urban innovation,sustainability in construction and lighting design. Oscar enjoys taking complex problems around him to test his personal and scientific skills, this also complemented with all his cultural baggage that make him a very thoughtful and extrovert person which leads him to be the co-funder of the FabLab Yucatán where he found the way to learn how to innovate not only in technology also in the way of thinking.

_What i´ve learned here

Through all these weeks in the FabAcademy I have acquired different kind of knowledge, but above all the vision to see different ways of doing and creating things. Here is all the assignments done during all this wonderful and amazing days:

_A few works from the past

Design works

I have collaborated in different companies and also my own freelance design jobs.

Lighting Design

My other passion is to improve the ambient with the correct lighting comfort and aesthetic.

Maker gonna make

Things that I´ve made for experimentation, in the work or just for fun.

Fab Lat Kids

Working to engage latinamerican kids with the tools and knowledge through the Fab Lat Kids network.

Empowering people

Empowering the society around me with technology and new ideas to create projects and innovation.

_Final Project_ DIS/ORDER

DIS/ORDER is an innovative tool based in digital fabrication, parametric design and ADHD education to make circuits in a funny way keeping the focus of the kids while providing funds of electronics, robotics, IoT, programming, 3D printing and 3D design.

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