This website is Vinod Kumar B G's project page in Fab Academy 2016.

About Me...

I am VINOD KUMAR B G, doing my MBA in Technology Manegement - Distant. I'm a Btech graduate specialized in Electronics & Communication Engineering and also a Diploma holder in Electronics & Communication. I'm born and brought up from Trivandrum, Kerala, India. I am working in Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) as a Technical Office (R & D) and Co-ordinator of FAB Lab Kerala.

I attended the pre-fab academy workshop conducted (Oct to Nov) by Fransisco Sanchez and Luciano Betoldi at Fablab Trivandrum. I like the whole idea of sharing knowledge and using the fablab to create something resourceful to oneself or to the community.

After completion of My Pre Fab Academy course, I have experience in AVR Programming, Arduino, Laser Cutter, 3D Designing & 3D Printing, CNC, PCB milling machine etc. Now I am very confident, because I know how to make a prototype. I attended the Fab11 International Conference (August 3-9) held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA.


Drawing, Playing Chess, listening music, Maintenance & troubleshooting of simple Electronics Devices


B-Tech Major Project

Railway Information System Using GPS & GSM: The project was done using Microcontroller 89C51 comprising of GPS Tracking & GSM wherein the present position of the train is transmitted to all railway stations. The receiver side display is built in such a way that the distance from the train to the respective station and also Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is displayed.

B-Tech Minor Project

IR Remote-controlled Fan On/Off & Speed Regulation: This project focused on controlling a fan with the help of an IR remote. Both encoder and decoder circuits are used in this project and the receiver section uses Counter ICs controlled by a relay.

Diploma Project

Micro-controlled Home Appliances Using 89C51: The project employs overall control of various Home Appliances. The project has features like:

  • Automatic outdoor light
  • Door Security Systems
  • Automatic Water Tank Level Control
  • Fire Alarm
  • Temperature Controlled Fan
  • Smoke Detection

    Electronic Wheel Chair using PIC 16F877A: Consisting of 2 stepper motors each of 10 kg torque and have a control pad to control the wheel chair by sitting in the chair.

    Lift Overload Preventer: To restrict more people from getting inside the lift. Here the number of persons entering and exiting the lift is calculated using IR sensors.

    Laser Communication System: Source to destination communication is done using LASER beams as the medium.

    Smart Hearing Aid: An efficient tool for those who having hearing problems.

    Electronic Jam: A smart buzzer for quiz and similar purposes.

    My FAB Academy 2016 Project....

    RF-Based small Wall-E Robot (FAB - E)

    This Dual-mode robot that can be operated manually using an RF-based remote control and can also move automatically avoiding all the obstacles. The robot has some inbuilt intelligence to avoid obstacles by changing its path. It can be further modified for applications like automatic vacuum cleaner. In such an application the vacuum cleaner will automatically clean the floor or we can manually control it using the RF remote while sitting on the sofa.

    The block diagram for ATtiny-based dual-mode robot. When a button is pressed in the remote, the corresponding code is transmitted through RF transmitter. At the receiver end, this transmitted signal is received and decoded. The MCU unit compares the received code and drives the motors corresponding to the code received. Obstacle detectors detect any object in the way and intimate the microcontroller.