01_Principales and Practices | 02_CAD-Computer-Aided Design | 03_Computer-Controlled Cutting | 04_Electronics Production | 05_3D scan e print | 06_Electronics Design | 07_Make Something BIG | 08_Embedded Programming | 09_Mechanical Design | 10_Machine Design | 11_Input Device | 12_Moldin and Casting | 13_Output | 14_Composite | 15_Networking and Communications | 16_Interface and Application Programming | 17_Applications and Implications | 18_Intellectual property | 19_Project Development | Final Project:"Footballino" |

About e Motivation

I am attending the Fab Academy in order to strengthen skills I’ve already learned and to fill some gaps in the basics. I am also going to spend my spare time attending additional workshops organized by the Fablab BCN and learning how to use the equipment that my home Fablab doesn’t own. Thanks to the Fab Academy Diploma I will earn, my partners and I will meet the requirements needed to widen the capacity of Fablab Venezia and host a Fab Academy in 2017.

My home lab

I come from Fablab Venezia

Final Project

"Football Table" analogic experience, digital sharing