Week 9 - Mechanical design

After some design thinking and overlaying the schedule, we decided to develop an X, Y, Z machine. The result should be a cnc milling machine.
    We used aluminum profiles (maker beam) in connection with 3D printing and other modern production methods, but also classic hand-held tools, etc. for the basic constructions during this week.

    MakerBeam regular starter kits (10mmx10mm)

As a trained mechanic, this work did not only make me a lot of fun, it also did not bother me much. It still missing some parts which I have to make at our lathe, but according to schedule we should create the cnc machine soon. Really great was also the joint cooperation to the team of three with Florian and Aleksandra

Here is a short video of almost finished mechanics

The development of the construction:

Some parts needed thread, or the thread had to be enlarged
for more stability. So we have cut them into the alumium profile:

Our set metric thread cutter:

The development of the construction

In my vocational education five years ago, I have made threads with a so-called "hand die stock" with three-piece tapping bits consisting of "pre-cutters", "medium cutters" and "finished cutters".

Our fablab, however, is very well equipped and has the more modern "Cutting-taps" version, with which you only need one cut or one tool per thread. With the machine threading tap you can cut the thread in one step, because by the "spiral-shaped tension" breaks the Aluminum shavings.

Special oil to better cut through: Thread Cutting Oil