About me

Hello everyone. My name is Marcel Kellner. I am a technical assistant from Hochschule Ruhr West in Bottrop (Germany). There I work at the HRW FabLab. One of my tasks as "HRW CoLab" projekt manager is setting up workshops for students and pupils. Click the following link to join our Facebookgroup.

In 2013 I've finished a industrial vocational education as industrial-mechanic at Huber Packaging Group in Bottrop. Since 2014 I am studying industrial engineering at Hochschule Ruhr West. Last year I had the opportunity to travel to Fab 12 in Shenzhen (China) where I met a lot of makers and could connect to other Fab Labs all over the world. That was the most interesting trip in my life, until now.

My hobbies are to travel, growing (urban gardening), my computer, gaming, to tinker and to meet friends.


E-Mail: marcel.kellner@hs-ruhrwest.de

Facebook: marcel.ke.5