Week 12 - Molding and Casting

Our FabLab has a small cnc-mill but the problem is, that the machine is out
of order at the time. For the milling work Aleksandra and I had to arrange an appointment with Daniele at FabLab Kamp Lintfort.

At this point a big thank you to Daniele, because he took the time for
helping us and explained everything very well. We also enjoyed working with
the other students of the Fabacdemy from the FabLab Kamp Lintfort.

We should do it in 3 steps: first pour out this mold with silicon.
Then use the silicone mold for casting.

For this assignment I have decided to design a heart in Fusion 360. I have
chosen this heart to give it to my mother on mothers day on May 14th ;-)