Week 18

Week 18. Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

During this week I have thought how could I get benefit out of my project in the future.


  • Develop a plan for dissemination of your final project
  • Prepare a summary slide and video clip

Process explanation

Detailed description of the project is provided in the Final project website. Dissemination plan can be found from the project specific details section.

In addition, I decided to license all the content of this website utilizing a Creative Commons license. In concrete I will use the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. The code will be licensed using the MIT license.


Before taking the decision of which license to take I have studied different options:

  • Creative Commons: Creative commons are copyright licenses for any creative work (usually not for code) that permits distribute the work openly but with the possibility of adding certain conditions (for example, allowing the distribution of adapted work, permitting the commercial use of the adapted work or your own work). You still keep the copyright of your creation. More information can be found in the Creative Commons website
  • MIT license is mainly a software license (not like Creative Commons that is targeted to creative work). It gives total freedom to the person obtaining a copy of the software to modify, distribute, sell or sublicense the software. The only condition is that the original MIT license text should appear in any derivative work, even if the license changes.
  • Apache license is mainly a software license (not like Creative Commons that is targeted to creative work) very similar to MIT license. The big difference is that any change to the code should be clearly identified. In addition, the Apache license should be included in any derivative work, even if the final license of the software has changed. A NOTICE file should be included in all derivative work

Video and slide

Finally, during this week I have done a small script of the video that will present my final project. It is shown in the following picture

Figure 1 Video script