Week 1. Project management.

During week we practiced with GIT and developed this website.

Week 2. Computer-aided design.

This week was dedicated to learn how to use 2D and 3D design tools.

Week 3. Computer-controlled cutting.

During the week I have been working with the vynyl cutter and the laser cutter

Week 4. Electronics production.

During this week I learnt how to fabricate a PCB programmer using the CNC milling machine

Week 5. Scanning and printing.

During this week I scanned two 3D objects and made a small 3D design that was printed with a SLA and a FDM printer.

Week 6. Electronics design.

This week I designed, built and test a simple PCB

Week 7. Computer-controlled machining.

This week I learnt how to build my own furniture using a CNC router

Week 8. Embedded programming

This week I implemented and deployed small applications into the ATTiny microcontroller

Week 9. Mechanical design.

This week I designed in collaboration with my group partners my first machine.

Week 10. Ouput devices.

During this week I have created a simple board that is able to drive two motors and shows feedback on a screen.

Week 11. Machine building.

This week we built and programmed a liquid handler.

Week 12. Molding and casting

This week I casted a small piece out of resin plastic.

Week 13. Input Devices.

This week I designed a simple circuit to read data from a ultrasonic sensor module.

Week 14. Composites.

This week I machined a mold and fabricate a simple frisbee using composites.

Week 15. Networking and communication

In this assignment a connect two boards and my computer through a data bus.

Week 16. Interface and application programming.

During this week, I implemented a user interface for my computer to visualize data coming from sensors.

Week 17. Application and implications

I specified the final project n more detail.

Week 18. Invention, intellectual property, and income

Durign this week I sketched a dissemination plan for my final project.

Week 19 and 20. Project development

During these two weeks I have finished my final project.