Final Project / concept

A machine that creates sounds and alter their audio spectrum. [more]

About Me

Hi!I'm Nicola. I'm a Fab Academy student at Opendot.

[more] about me.. and [more] about Opendot


Principles and Practices

My very first html commands | Learning to "push".

Computer-aided Design

2D/3D drawing | First shape of my final project.

Computer-controlled Cutting

Laser cutter / Vinyl cutter

3D Scanning and Printing

.. cover my FabISP / printing myself.

Electronics Design

Learning Eagle...

Computer-controlled Machining

make something big...

Embedded programming

...switching on a LED

Mechanical design | Machine design

Pick'n'Place_LDD Machine

Input devices

magnetic field

Molding and Casting

...casting a moving surface

Output devices

servo motor


my first skateboard

Networking and Communications

Inter-Integrated Circuit

Applications and Implications

some thoughts on my project

Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

don't worry, it's open source!

Project Development

what am I doing?...