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About Me

About Me


I'm Yogesh Ravindra Tamhane, graduated with Bachelor in Electronics. My liking towards the technology led me to this course. After my graduation I decided to work with RiiDL Mini Fablab located at Mumbai, the commercial captical of India. I'll be pursuing Fab Academy from Vigyan Ashram.


1. Inksape Commands

2. Creating and Adding own ssh-keys

3. Kokopelli


"The Virtual Currency"

Wikipedia says, in economics, a local currency, is a currency that can be spent a particular area at participating organisations. Usually it will act as a complementary currency, that is to be used in addition to a national currency, rather than replace it.

The purpose is to encourage spending within Vigyan Ashram campus especially with locally owned businesses. This may also help reduce environmental footprints. Vigyan Ashram is the be loved house of 70+ individuals. In Vigyan Ashram comprises of are small businesses which fullfills the daily needs of Pabal village and individul around the campus. The project Mudra is focused on development of complete ecosystem of Vigyan Ashram and tying them up to make them work in conjuction. Providing the opportunity for Synergic growth.

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