Welcome to my homepage!

If I can think it, I can build it. This is the beginning of my Fab Experience, taking my designs and ideas from bits to atoms. Enjoy :)


About Me

I became a member of Incite Focus through a two-week "First Contact" program that was offered in my community. This opportunity was only the tip of the iceberg and opened my eyes to all the unknown capabilities and opportunities of learning about technology. After my initial experience, I decided to continue my participation by doing a deep dive with Incite Focus, learning more about the four focus areas of the organization: Digital Fabrication, Agroecology, Apropriate Technology, and Experiential Education.

To me, a fab lab and the Fab Academy are not just about physically building anything; it's about creating a new way of life in a world whose technologies, economies, and infrastructures are changing daily. Since I have been exposed to this type of information, I have found myself having developed a keen ear and eye to many stories, reading articles, and attending events that guide my curiosity toward deeper levels of knowledge, understanding and the potentiality of it all in my daily life. From occupational dependency and globalization to independence and economically self-sufficient communities, I believe these innovative technologies are the start of greater and bigger possibilities for the world.