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Let make this world better and smarter!

the future of progress for this world is in interrelationship between different knowledges. Bio-informatic, bio-engineering, applying big data science for the new city plan and architecture, and many others example of the new way of think, learn and act.
Just a humble opinion


Because we can!


Learn, research, try, produce, share, help.

The goal

Change the world.

Main project

Oxymetric glow / oversleeve / bracelet or other type of wearable device for 24x7 control of quantity oxygen and carbon dioxide in blood.

Oximeter glove

Main Project

Backup projects

UV dosimeter
Wearable ultra violet dosimeter that collect quantity of solar radiation and report it to cloud / phone / etc. Details of the project can be found here
Soil moisture sensor
Autonomous agriculture soil humidity monitoring. Home usage for flowers or big field usage sensor that collect data about humidity of the soil and report it in some frequency to central station where this data should be analyzed / reported / alerted. Details of the project can be found here
Science toys
Some science toys like a cloud chamber. Some toys that could be produced to demonstrate cool effects for popularization of science. Details of the project can be found here


Weekly assignments in FabAcademy 2016

The K. Team

Roman K.

Team lead and producer

Varvara K.

Lead Science and conceptions

Daniel K.

Lead Assistant

About me

I love science and engineering. With "applied mathematics" university background I am in IT business since more then 25 years. Engineer (tried both: software engineering and network & system engineering), currently co-founder in Satelliz company I decided to subscribe for Fab Academy to open my mind to things creativity world (as well I was inspired by IoT new wave). Impressed by previous years student I am impatient to discover how to "make nearly everything."

Tips & Tricks

Some know-how that is not evident and that I have discovered during the assignment weeks and main project development.

Eagle multy PCB

How I can duplicate PCB to cut them in one pass

Eagle new component

How we can add new component to library

Extra projects

Some of extra project I realized by myself and in group during my training in Fabacademy 2016


Satshakit to be used during my assignment

Mother's day gift

My team realized a gift for a mother's day 2016

Soil moisture sensor

Soil moisture sensors network


We created arduino-compatible board

Satshakit extention

Extending satshakit for our needs