Projects description

Fascinated by science I would like to create simple, opensource, DIY science toys. So any family may recreate at home one of them. As well as school may do it and use as the teaching things during the educational process.

For the moment in this project I have 3 idea to realize. This number may change during fabacademy parcour.. :)

Fog chamber

Model for my Fog chamber

The fog chamber is the cold chamber with some liquid inside that start to create fog inside. When high energy particle penetrate chamber it provoke condensation of fog over its path. So we clearly may visualize the path of particles.

I want to create cheap, simple to build, mobile fog chamber. It should permit simply visualize, probably register to kind of web-cam such kind of physical experiments.

Galactic compass

Model for Galactic compass.

During the Wednesday review, Neil talked about one of projects, realized by someone "pointer to center of galaxy". After short discussion in room I found this problem interesting (from math point of view) and I decided to create my version of "Galactic compass". This compass will show one of object in the space. (ISS station, Center of Milky Way, Alpha Centaurus... ).

Looks like I will need to have a GPS to determine exact time moment and location. I will need to have accelerometer to detect direction to ground and I will need 3 axis compass to detect direction to north on the Earth. Using these data and some initial information about the object on which I want to point - I think that I will be able to count direction to this object. Pointing will be done using the equatorial coordinates, so I will need to have 2 motors to point well on any points of the sphere.


Very simple project that I have already done the the past. It is just a hand-made spectrometer of emission light. Even be a simple in realization is is very spectacular experiment that will permit to kids check the lamps if the produce close to white light or with missed yellow, red or other spectrum. It can be done from any light materials (kind of carton) and old dvd disk. But it stay interesting project and I would like to make it in more reproducible way, probably using laser cut machine..


In this section I will try to collect information about what I should do and what is already done


In this section I will to mark main problems that I think will exist and block me during realization.


In this section some info about evolution

Week #2 as my main project in stand-by because of lack of information I have time to work on some projects in this section week#2 assignment you will found many information about progress I did. So I decided to add in my TODO the Galaxy Compass project. I created 3D model of this and of my Fog Chamber. Also I generated the 2D laser cut models that need to be cut from plywood and that will permit to create two boxes for controllers for Galaxy Compass and for Fog Chamber.