Project description

For Mother's day, my team members decided to realize a gift by applying the machining way. So after some hours of thinking and searching - was found an idea of gift. We need a laser cut!

We will produce a designer version of storage for bijou.


Was found initial image in the net.

Let transoform it to svg - and then as usual we pass to laser cut. So let do it simple way. Fabmodules -> input PNG -> output SVG -> outline. It looks exactly as we need.

Selection of material - plywood 3.5mm. Let cut it. As well at the bottom we let place for cross-fit. We thougt initially to do cross-fit with same plywood, but finally it need to be more stable.

So for stability we need a support.
Antimony! :-)

We tried two kind of support (different surface and different stability). Here is one of it.

Final result

Time to present a gift. Success! :-)

(placed on support version is too private to show. But it exist and works :-) )