Mechanical Design and machine design

This weeks are for group project.

software / sites used during this week

One of the most popular 3D modeling software.
I will try to use Mac OS X C development IDE to programm Attiny
Software to upload / download code to avr controllers.
GCC and all related tools to compile C and assembly code.
X-AVR is an XCode template for generating AVR C projects. github link here. Very comfortable way to develop and build using this template (better then crosspack brut).
Arduino IDE to programm the arduino boards.


Arduino UNO / nano
Arduino UNO and nano with components and test board that will permit to fast develop and validate functionality of code. As well used to drive motors of "L-Axis" in first version.
Raspberry PI 2 models. Used to manage machine and deliver user interface
Gestalt board for manage drives

All files that I have demonstrated below are also available in this zip file


Group project

These weeks we have a group project. Our project available here. We decided to build a robot that deliver a shots. It will use one X axis based on MIT developed card "gestalt project". That permit fast modeling of the machine. Also it will use L-axis (liquid axis :) ) that we will realize ourselves using the arduino boards and some motors.

All conception we do together inside the team. As well we did project management in distributed way - so everybody participate to task realization (that each select by himself) and also in planning via the daily meetings.

So I participated in machine conception, project management, electronics design, programing design and development of modules on the machine.