How to use waste materials to make something.

Week17 applications and implications (May 25)

  • What will it do?
  • Airclean filter is mainly used as indoor or public place for the filtration of polluted air, mainly filtered formaldehyde and PM2.5 pollutants and other pollutants.

  • Who's done what beforehand?
  • Air cleaner use originated in the fire, in 1823, the first new type of aerosol protective devices inventors are John and Charles.Dean. In 1854, Johns.Rittenhouse discovered that adding charcoal in the filter can filter harmful and toxic gases. During World War II, the US government conducted studies of radioactive material, invented a HEPA filter. 1950s and 1960s, the HEPA filters became popular. 1980s, the HEPA filter air purifiers era began to enter into the ranks of home air purifier which is mainly used to remove airborne bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen and mold spores.

  • What materials and components will be required?
  • Since this project is to promote the production of the main items of waste, secondary use of materials, so the main material of this project are waste computer, Cardboard, HEPA filter net, Carbon Fiber, Density Fiberboard and some electronic components.

  • Where will they come from?
  • The discarded computers are scrapped by the colleges, Cardboard collected it from the laboratories, the HEPA filter screen and fiber cloths is purchased from Taobao, the MDF is the rest of part before processing ,the electronic designing part is designed by themselves, and also the production and commissioning.

  • What parts and systems will be made?
  • The main function is divided by the main control module, the display module and filter module. The main control module is mainly used to control the filter module and display module, the master chip (Microcontroller) is the ATmega88pa, the display module is mainly used by the LCD1602.The component of Filtration module are the HEPA filter and fan.

  • What tasks need to be completed?
  • Design appearance of filter and make the filter to work properly. After testing, it can reduce indoor pollution.

  • What is the schedule?
  • 01

    Final project is mainly done by individual, including the appearance: using the Rhino to design and using the Laser Cutter to pattern engrave, CNC Router with contour cutting (due to the laser power is not enough, the plate thickness is too large).

    The Channel of filtering method is mainly used by composite to produce the part of circuit,the design of circuit, and programming Proteus circuit simulation, eagle draw schematic and PCB board production, making circuit boards Roland Mill and welding circuit, the test allows the system to function properly . Using eagle to draw schematic and making the PCB board, making circuit boards and welding circuit by Roland Mill, making a test and ensuring the work is carried out properly

    1. Design of appearance (Computer-aided design)

    2. Circuit design, programming and simulation (Input device / output device / networking and communications.)

    3. Material purchase, in accordance with the design of the list later on Taobao.

    4. The circuit board production, welding and commissioning (mainly work).

    5. Test

    6. Finish