How to use waste materials to make something.

Week16 interface and application programming (May 18)

Assignment: write an application that interfaces with an input &/or output device that you made, comparing as many tool options as possible.

  • Software:
  • Java Eclipse
  • Hardware:

    PC / windows os

    This week I want to use java language to develop an appliaction to controller led status.At first, we should install the software so that my program work normally.Add the relevant documents to the corresponding folder and the tutorial installation.

    01 01 01
  • Developing
  • 01 01 01                                  
  • final project Process:
  • 1.Interface

    01 01

    Modular interface making prototype.That is very simple for design with java.

    2.serial port

    01 01 01

    3.Byte to string

    01 01
  • Files:
  • final_interface.java
    Serial port.java
    Byte to String.java