How to use waste materials to make something.

Week2 computer-aided design (Feb 3)

Computer-aided design is an important instruction. It is the foundation of project and it is a bridge between thought and machine. If you want to realize your idea and use the tool to make a machine, you have to describe your idea by the software of computer-aided design, and then turn the ideas into reality by operate machine with program.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop is a picture disposal software and mainly to process digital image composed of pixels. It is applied to Graphic design, Advertising photography, UI and Visual creativity. Now, I will design a logo of computer-aided design.


    Download some logos online.


    Use the magic wand tool to process this logo.


    Create a new file with Photoshop. Insert the logo, arrange the position and merge the logos’ layer besides the background there is the Maya’s logo.


    Edit->Transform->Warp, adjust the axis to achieved Satisfactory result and the opacity of background to 40%.


    Use the Crop tool and set the parameter.


    Set the image size and add the text.

  • CorelDRAW
  • CorelDRAW is a vector graphic design software. It has two main functions: Vector graphic design and the page layout, anther one is image editing.


    Draw a sketch with a pencil and shoot down with a cell phone. Open the picture with CorelDraw and select the Bezier tool to sketch the picture’s shape.


    Select the text tool and press the shortcut key F12 to open outline pen and set the colour: black, width: Hairline. As for the Fill, find out the Fill tool->No Fill.


    Download the logo online and use the tool of Trace Bitmap->Quick Trace to get the vector. Next, add the outline pen, cancel the fill, adjust its size and put the position.

  • Autodesk 123D design
  • Autodesk 123D design is simple and convenient software. It is applied to design, create and edit three-dimensional model. Now, I will try to build a model of air cleaner’s shell and the case which is my initial version.

    01 02 03

    build a box and set the parameter, length: 43cm, width: 24cm, height: 40cm. Select the four edges of the box and modify->Fillet, set the Fillet Radius 1cm; next, select the primitives->box, set the length: 8cm; width: 8cm; height: 16cm. adjust the position. Select combine->subtract. On the other side, the same method is used, the parameter, length:32cm,width:10cm;length:24cm;

    04 05 06

    Draw a rectangle and vertical line, select construct->sweep and Subtract operations with intersecting graphics.

    07 08 09

    Use the same command to make the model become the top left .Finally, add materials.

  • Autodesk 123D make
  • 123D Make is a good tool which can turn the 3D model become a 2D model of sheet pattern. We can use the 123D Make to realize our design. For example, we can make a shelf.


    Build a box with 123d design and send to the 123d make.


    Set the parameter. Manufacturing Setting->Material Size->Units:mm,length:640mm,width:460mm,Thickness:5mm, Slot Offset:-0.5mm,Tool Diameter:0mm. Construction Technique->Curve. Slice distribution->method->by count->1st Axis:9, curve:9->Notch Factor:1.000->Notch Angle:30.


    Select and adjust the Slice Direction.


    Export the plan.


    Laser cutter and fabrication.

  • 3D Studio Max
  • 3Ds Max is a 3d rendering and animation software. It is applied to the Advertising, Widely used in advertising, film and television, industrial design, architecture design, three-dimensional animation, multimedia production, games, auxiliary teaching, and engineering visualisation, etc. Here I use 3ds Max remote control to make the air cleaner, example for the initial version of the remote control.


    Create->Extended Primitives->Chamfer Box, enter the parameters, length:100mm,width:500mm,height:10mm,fillet:2mm.


    Box convert to Editable Mesh , select the mesh and open the modify->selection->edge and Edit Geometry->cut, add the line on the mesh. As for the light of remote-control, Create->Extended Primitives->Capsule.


    As for the LCD and the button, Create->Standard Primitives->Box and Create->Extended Primitives->Chamfer Box.

  • Rhino
  • 01 02

    Build two rectangles, the small one set the width:8cm, length:16cm. Another one set the width:24cm, length:32cm.Pull the two rectangles' distance of 16cm from the Right view. Select surface->loft, we can get the shape like that.

    03 04

    Select the small rectangle->surface->Extrude Curve->Straight; enter the depth:3cm.

    05 06 07

    Increase the mesh thickness. Selected the mesh and selected the solid->offset; we can get this status and enter the distance 1cm.Then, we can get the model.

  • Attachments
  • Photoshop/logo.psd


    123D design/case.123dx

    123D make/shelf.3dmk

    123D make/shelf.pdf

    3Ds Max/remotecontrol.max