Week 19- Project development

Smart Switch - S² Since week 1, the week when we pen downed the idea, we have learned a lot. We gained knowledge of almost all aspects of product development, from planning, designing, electronic prod

Week 17- Applications and Implications

“Smart Switch - S²” what will it do?As the name indicates, it is a smart “power socket” which connected to internet over WiFi and can be controlled over internet. A microcontroller, WiFi access a devi

Week 16- Interface and application programming

ObjectiveWe are supposed to make an interface. It can be for anything, just a bar showing the data from a sensor or something for communication etc. In short make anything which has an interface. The

Week 15- Networking and communications

ObjectiveThe aim of this week is to get an understanding on how to communicate between board/nodes. It is similar to speaking. We will learn how to talk with other devices like computers, controllers

Week 14- Composites

This week we have to make a 3D mold and make something of composites. But when they are combined to form a composite, they will exhibit a superior physical and chemical properties. Combined they will

Week 13- Output Devices

This week is about output devices, thing which give out some recognizable output. Neil in his videos explained a variety of them, you can view it here. I have worked with some standard modules availab

Week 12- Molding and Casting

This week we will learn the process of molding, different techniques to do the same, casting using it etc. I haven’t molded much except once during prefab which didn’t work out well. Neil’s lecture e

Week 11- Input Devices

This week is about getting familiar with a range of different sensors and how to make use of them. Sensors are electronic devices used to sense/measure quantities like heat, pressure, movement, speed,

Week 09 & 10 - Mechanical Design and Automation.

This week mark the beginning of the two week long group project where we should make a machine with at-least have 2 axis of motion. As we have a big group of participants, Franc divided us into 2 tea

Week 08- Embedded programming.

This week is dedicated for playing around with controllers, processors etc- things which can be programmed to do stuff, things which are like mini computers. The most common microcontroller in our Fab

Week 07- Computer-Controlled machining

This week we are supposed to make something BIG using the CNC machine available in the labs. We have two of its kind Modella - it is a small machine which we us primarily for milling PCB boards. It

Week 06- Electronic Design

Electronic DesignThis week is dedicated for learning primarily electronic designing and electronic components and usage. As i have a background of learning and working with electronics, I am used to t

Week 05- 3D Scanning and printing

3D PrintingThis weeks lecture was all about 3D printing and 3D scanning. Neil began with a brief history on 3D printing and how its a pretty old technology which originated in MIT. Today it has gaine

Week 04- Electronics production

Fab ISPNeil went through all the areas for electronic production which included making a PCB, soldering the components properly etc. This week I will be milling out one, and soldering components on to

Week 03- Computer controlled cutting

This weeks assignment is to learn to use vinyl cutter and Laser cutter. We can use vinyl cutter to cut out stickers or make flexible PCB’s or mask for screen printing etc. Laser cutter can be used to

Week 02- Computer-Aided design

GoalThis week’s goal is to get to know about all the design tools which can be used for designing the final project. This covers both 2D and 3D designing, rendering, simulation etc. During this weeks