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About Me


I am an Electronics engineer, who love to explore, experiment and learn new technologies and processes in my pursuit to give life to the Ideas I dream about..

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..this is where I scribble down my experiments in Fab!!

Francisco initiated me to the wonderful world of Fablab. He gave an overview of the working principles that are followed in the Fablabs across the globe. We were also briefed about the practices in MIT. Francisco gave us a birds eye view on the various applications people across the world have developed using the Fablab facility.

I joined Fab Academy to improve my creativity and learn digital fabrication skills required for rapid prototyping. I attended my prefab training under the guidance of Mr Francisco Sanchez and Mr Luciano Betoldi. The experiments and learning experience during my prefab course are documented here. My learning experience and assignments for each week during this fab academy course is as follows,