Principles and practices, project management

Week 1

Computer-aided design

Week 2

Computer-controlled cutting

Week 3

Electronics production

Week 4

3D scanning and printing

Week 5

Electronics design

Week 6

Computer-controlled machining

Week 7

Embedded programming

Week 8

Mechanical design

Week 9

Machine design

Week 10

Input devices

Week 11

Molding and casting

Week 12

Output devices

Week 13


Week 14

Networking and communications

Week 15

Interface and application programming

Week 16

Applications and implications

Week 17

Anvention, intellectual property, and income

Week 18

Finial Project - Introduction

Final Project

Final Project - Hardware


Final Project - Application

  • Fab Academy

    The Fab Academy is a Digital Fabrication Program directed by Neil Gershenfeld of MIT's Center For Bits and Atoms and based on MIT's rapid prototyping course, MAS 863: How to Make (Almost) Anything. The Fab Academy began as an outreach project from the CBA, and has since spread to Fab Labsaround the world. The program provides advanced digital fabrication instruction for students through an unique, hands-on curriculum and access to technological tools and resources.
  • Fablab Tainan

    Fab Lab Tainan was founded at Dec. 2013 at Tainan, Taiwan. It is the first Fab Lab at Southern Taiwan. Supported by Tainan City Government, this Lab hope could open for local citizen. The background photo of web page is the roundabout in front of Tainan train station.
  • Who Am I

    I'm Jia-Hao Chang from Fablab Tainan.I'm senior staff of Association of Digital Culture, Taiwan (ADCT).In this years, I have participated the project of digital curriculum.My career is to empower people employing digital manufacturing technology or tools toimprove their problem.