For my final project I'm going to build a shredder machine for plastics, inspired on the project "precious plastics". In Fablab Puebla we wanted to start building our machines and I believe this is a great opportunity, some changes and interesting adds will be done to the original machine whit the aim of  improving it. I want to automatize some processes in the machine, for example it will be activated through an app with this app will be possible to see how long has the machine been working and how much material has been shredded (in kilos).

Who has done it before?

 Dave Hakkens http://www.preciousplastic.com/

Original shredder machine built by Dave Hakkens

What materials and components will be required?


ABS plastic for 3D printer

Load cell

ATtiny 84

Bluetooth Module

Varied electronic material

Where will they come from?

We already have most of the materials, however we will have to buy a few of them, all are available in Puebla.

What parts and systems will be made?


The mounting will be made by cutting the steel profile and welding it.

The knives will be cutted using a waterjet machine.

I will add electronics to control the machine, so I will design a board with the elements needed.

A control board will be design.

Cases for keeping some electronic elements will be designed.




What processes will be used?

Waterjet cutting


Router CNC

Modela Machine



What tasks need to be completed?

Base building

Sizing the material

Welding the base

Shredding system

Cutting the schredding blades


Welding the shredder

Board design

Board soldering








May 30 to June 3

-Buy materials

-Motor and motor gear maintenance

-Laser cutted dummies


June 4 to June 10

-Water jet cutting

-Material sizing

-Schredder assembly

-Base welding


June 11 to June 14

-Assembly of all elements

-Problem solving


June 15 to June 17



June 17 to June 19

-Video and slide


June 20