My name is Luis Camacho and I’m a Mexican Industrial Designer, since I was a child passion for design has always been within me. I remember that I used to question myself about the world that surrounded me, questions like: where does things come from?, who created the object i’m using? or, is there a way to make things better?,  often circled around in my mind and they still but in more complex ways. Things that have always been characteristic about me are an entrepreneurial attitude, high levels of in- novation desire, creativity and an empathic and friendly attitude. If I am sure about something is that design is one of the most powerful tools to make this world better, today I use design as a tool to transform and change for better people's life. As designers, we have the faculty and privilege to model the world that surround us, from products to services and that means a big responsibility. I believe design must be respectful, honest and inclusive, this values are fundamental in the path for a better and more fair world.