For this assignment I used Catia because its a software that I dominate and its very easy for me to use it. I´m doing a JIG so I can use the 4th axis of the Laser Cutter/Engraving Machine that we have at FABLAB PUEBLA.

The idea of this assigment is to do something different, it means for me to use the ROTATIVE AXIS to CUT not only for engraving.

I look  for some ideas on the internet and I found that its possible to make some cardboard springs, but I havent find how to do PRESS FIT with tubes, and I have the answer and I´m goint to do it.

To prove the PRESS FIT, I want to do a WATCH HOLDER.

after trying in doing the JIG for tubes I got some inspiration on Thingiverse, cause we were  looking for a box that can hide and handle our mugs in the FABLAB Puebla, cause we have them visible and sometimes we have visits and we have to them, so I look for something but nothing was big enough so I decided to cut and assembly this small one and understand how it works and how I can resize it.

After assembling the small box and understanding how it works, I decided to resize it cause so that the mugs can fit inside, but it was difficult cause it was not only scale and thats all, I got to know how the roll part was working and make it fit in the curve and always in the same space and with press fit.

During the assembly I got a lot of problems and I have to use glue cause the inside pieces were moving and it doesn't let me put the other pieces together.

After all I finish the assembly and everything was working and looking great.

Finally finished and with a lot of space for the mugs and all other things.

Once I cut all the things I wanted to put on the box, I have to put them on transfer paper so I can paste them were I want. And here is the process of pasting the  stickers in the box.

Here is the box finished and with some mugs inside and to celebrate we prepare some pop corns.

It looks very well, it works perfectly and it learn and practice the press fit, how to vectorized an image and practicing with the laser cut and the vinyl cut

Here you can find the archives  in DXF to cut a box

Week 3


Elias Prado Morales

Fab Lab Puebla, México

Fab Academy  |  2016