Week 5


You can find the ARCHIVES HERE

For this assignment I decided to use the ROMER arm we have at FAB LAB Puebla.

First of all you have to start the programm ans start the IMAIgn as the Workspace Manager ask you.

When you set everything you can start the scanning

Problems, for this assignment I have a problem and it was the piece, cause I cant scan it completely in one step, I have to join 2 surfaces and that was a problem cause if you don't join it almost to perfection your piece could have some open points and the if you want to printed or something it wont be possible.

You can see me using the ROMER arm and how I scanned and how the software detects the points and transforms it in something visually.

Here I have to change the position and the orientation of the piece so that I can scan the entire piece, and the I have to join the 2 surfaces I created so that it can be the complete piece..When I finished there were a lot of points and I have to takeout all the points I don't want in my piece so that it can be a perfect scanned piece.


The step of removing the things you don't want its very hard and you have to be very patient or probably your work can died.

Elias Prado Morales

Fab Lab Puebla, México


Fab Academy  |  2016