Week 13

Output Devices

This motors are capable to move more precisely, or "step by step" each time a pulse pass through their internal coils, this can vary from big steps of 90° to small steps of 1.8°, if you want to do a 360° turn, with the biggest steps you need to send 4 times a pulse, however, in the smallest steps you need to perform 200 times the pulse through the coils to complete a complete turn (360°). this motors are used when you need really precise movements, for example, in a CNC machine, and this motor are capable of do that

An H-bridge it's an electronic circuit capable to spin a motor in both ways, forward and backward, they are fully apply in robotics and as power converters. In these days we can find them as integrated circuits or we can build a H-bridge

I used an H bridge cause the micro-controller can't supply the enough current to move the motor with a proper torque.

For this assignment  I used an H bridge and stepper motor, and I moved left and right.

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