Once the pieces were printed and sanded I started making the base for the mold, and cause we want to reproduce this thing about 50 times I must leave a space in the bottom so that it helps the mold and make it strong.

The piece needs a spillway and overflow and some other overflows that are going to indicate that the piece is totally full and also it needs a dark tape in the partition line of the piece to identify the middle after the casting of the silicon.

When everything was ready I took the silicon into the vacuum casting to remove all the air and the bubbles, it means that the  material reaches -1 bar of vacuum.

After all this process I can cast the silicon into the mold and the piece I want to reproduce and take it to cure in the oven.

P.D. To ensure that theres no ir in the mold, I took everything to the vacuum casting to remove all the air and make it perfect (But it can move your piece :/)

While I was doing this assignment my instructor Aristarco appears to help me and play with the machine.

After an hour I took out the silicon mold and I have to cut the mold by the middle to took out the piece and also I have to remove the overflows and spillways to do the cast of the mold.

Also I have to apply some lubricant so that the casting piece can be removed easily, the tubes in the overflow to  connect the hose and staple the mold to ensure that the mold ties each other

Now I have to prepare the material to cast into the mold, and cause I wanted in red color so we have to pigment but I have to take care in not put more than 3% of the material.

But I have to make the mix of the part A and the part B inside the vacuum casting machine cause I have to extract all the air and we have a mixer inside the machine

Mixing part A and part B VIDEO

Casting the part A and part B VIDEO

Full casting of the piece VIDEO

Once I put the piece on the oven for 3 hours and after a day of working on this,I took out the piece and analyze what I did.

As a conclusion it takes a lot of time to make a very good mold but for me was very relaxing cause you have to be focus and concentrate on what are  you doing.

Hope everyone who see this assignment could think the same I think

Week 12

Molding and Casting

Design a 3D mold, machine it, and cast parts from it


For this week activity we need to make a 3D mold, so I decided to make a project we had from a client here in the FABLAB Puebla.

My partner Oliver Ochoa did the design and then I printed and sanded cause the silicon mold would retract all the layers and imperfections of the pieces.

I didnt machine it cause I preferred to 3D print and use it as the model.

Elias Prado Morales

Fab Lab Puebla, México


Fab Academy  |  2016