Week 14


For this assignment I made a 3D model in Rhino so that I can cut in layers with the laser cut.

The idea was to make a pot and reproduce it as a gift for my friends.

Here you can find the archives  in DXF to cut a POT

After cutting all the layers in MDF is decide to assembly and then I put some modeling clay in the interior cause thats the most important part for me and I wanted to give a different texture with the gel coat and the temperature it reaches when it solidifies

Once I applied mold release wax, I applied gel coat cause it gonna take the textures I'm looking for

After that I was in time to apply the composite, in this case I used fiberglass. To add the fiberglass I used a mixture of a PP resin with K2000 catalyze. I applied about 5 layers of fiberglass and resin.

After unmolding and removing all the modeling clay I started cutting all the imperfections and try to assembly cause I have to join the 2 parts.

Thats the final result and the I'm going to paint it and try it if it works as a pot.

Elias Prado Morales

Fab Lab Puebla, México


Fab Academy  |  2016