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For this assigment I try to use all the 3d printers we have at the Fab Lab Puebla, and I focused on learning how they work and to identify the differences between each others.

Istart learning how to use and print something at the DWS Digital Wax.

This 3d printer is specially for jewerly, so I decided to print a ring.

This 3d printer uses a software called NAUTA.

This software is very different to CURA (the one I use a lot).



If you want to print in this machine, you have to charge your STL archive, but if you want to print inmediatly it wont be possible to print, cause it doesnt have any supports, so one of the most important things is that you have to put the supports, and for me that has benefits and consecuences.



  • Set the supports you think the piece needs to be printed
  • Set Auto Support, and if you dont like it, you can eliminate those supports you think are unnecesary
  • Manipulate the type of suppport you want for your piece.
  • Manage the angle, the large and the thickness of the support
  • Set the base you want for the piece (this let you spare the material you´re going to use)
  • The 3d printer has the parameters for the material set automatically, it means that you only have to set the material youre using.



  • It needs more time, compared to Cura, to prepare the piece.
  • If you set the supports in an inappropriate meaner your piece will probably be affected
  • If you dont understand very well how this 3d printer works, it will cause you a lot of problems
  • As this 3d printer prints with a fill of 100%, you have to consider that if you set a lot of supports it will take linger to be printer and also youre going to spend more material.
  • If you set a wrong material, your piece will be wrong.

I made a desing in rhino with grasshopper.

Im not very well at grasshopper, so I decide to look for some tutorials and get some help from them, so I started and I want to create something like this, but the result was very different, but I like it so much because I made it and I desing it.

The idea of this assigment was to print the same piece in different 3d printers, at the moment that I put the STL in the software of the DWS Digital Wax it marked an error, so I have to work on the piece directly in Rhino and the print it in both machines, Ultimaker and DWS.

Week 5



FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Elias Prado Morales

Fab Lab Puebla, México

Fab Academy  |  2016