-propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered, answering:


      what will it do?


Its a former for those people who wants to make something simple and anywhere. Also you dont have to wait or set temperatures cause it has the temperatures and it gives you advices when its ready.


      who's done what beforehand?


There was a company in kickstarter who recently develop a former and there are big companies that make big formers.


      what materials and components will be required?



> 3mm MDF

> Stainless steel tube (1/2 inch)

> Neodime magnets


>>> Electronics

> Temperature sensor

> Buzzer


> Attiny 85

> Heat resistances

> LCD Shield

> resistances

> pin

> Arduino Uno


      where will they come from?


As it's a primarily electronics project, I will be buying on bulk to most materials, the components for the machine will be provided by the FABLAB Puebla



      how much will it cost?


It cost about $60 US Dollars. Here you can see the prices in Mexican pesos


      what processes will be used?


Laser Cut

PCB Milling

As a final result we can have something for molding and casting o composites


      what tasks need to be completed?


First, I have to try how many heat resistances are needed to heat the 3 differents materials and how much time does it takes to.

Design the structure and then try the movements and adjust.

Laser cut the final structure.

Apply all the protections to the MDF

Assembly the heat resistances and all the controllers.

Connect the vacuum cleaner.

Heat ad test some material



      what questions need to be answered?


What is the maximum temperature ?


How many degrees are ideal for forming in the 3 different materials?


How long does it take to heat the material?


How long does it take to form the material?


      what is the schedule?


May 20-31 Design exploration.


From June 1-16. Assembly and Documentation


June 17-  Final presentation and fine tuning


      how will it be evaluated?


For the project to succeed it needs to be a working prototype, and at least 3 test for the 3 different materials.

The prototype covers the tasks learned during the Fab Academy.

Week 17

Applications and Implications

Elias Prado Morales

Fab Lab Puebla, México


Fab Academy  |  2016