"Crescit enim cum aplitudine rerum vis ingenii"

Publius Cornelius Tacitus


project development

  • what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

  • I managed to finished two space frame structures even if only one worked as supposed.
    Designing in different CAD Applications and combining them worked also fine
    Designing electronics respectively modifying existing one and produce a working board successful
    Programming the selfproduce microcontroller board with some guideance also no issue
    Also all other tasks/skills are covered and memorized to a satisfying level and build a very good base for further development

    Especially the programming skills need more effort and training, that I will focus on as good as possible.
    I would like to do more composite exercises with different materials in future in my FabLab.
  • what has worked? what hasn't?

  • Actually nearly everything has worked somehow - I can't say that there is something that didn't worked. Besides some electronic parts, like the sensors or for my final project the accelerometer (twice) that didn't worked. Also some of the selfmade microcontroller boards didn't work exactly as they should - they showed some weird behaviour as I couldn't program them in this moment and after 1-2 trials it worked until next time and it showed again the same behaviour. But it was not really reproducible.
  • what questions need to be resolved?

  • For my final project the question on how to process the mylar film to my needs is still in line. Also the exchangeable joints for the space frame are still in development.
  • what will happen when?

  • At first I will redesign the core structure - I going to use partly bigger tubes in combination with smaller ones.
    Next step will be to redesign the interchange joints/connectors for the bigger tubes
    Thanks to the experience with my first models, a composite housing for the electronics has to be designed and produced
    And finally after all this the Helium vessel has to be designed & produced to the new design.
  • what have you learned?

  • For my part I have to say that I learned a lot. Before the Fab Academy I had no clue about programming or electronics design - not that I am now a master - but I achieved the skills to interact in processess where I was clueless before. It will be still a hassle and a lot of work but now I can understand the logic and the process behind it. Also I know now where and what to look for in case I stuck in one of my next projects. And in those skills I had before I also developed them in a manner that I gained some improvements just by helping out my fellow students or by disgussing certain problems with them and of course with my instructor Daniele Ingrassia.
    Especially during my final project I learned a lot about timing and preparing a project, rethinking solutions and to try different approaches.
    The skills I learned in electronics design and production will be very helpfull and I'm sure that I will continue to develope them, the same with programming. Since I'm going to use (selfproduced) microcontrollers in future for many projects - programming will be a bound part to them.

    Fab Academy 2017
    FabLab Kamp-Lintfort Germany