"Crescit enim cum aplitudine rerum vis ingenii"

Publius Cornelius Tacitus


Hi my name is Konstantin. I'm 49 years old, my profession is graphic design and I work as an operator for digital printing solutions. Originally my job was sales & marketing, thats what I learned but soon I realised that I'm more into - let's say creative work. But as a young man without guidance, "I did it my way" meaning the hard and difficult way.

But since I was a kid I did a lot of tinkering, taking stuff apart and fixing it. Later the projects were growing regarding the idea or the problem occured. Everything I know now I learned by teaching myself through reading - watching videos - observing - asking - trying - swearing - trying again - and so on. Later I took part at some workshops for certains skills like machining, designing (with Adobe) and 3D design (Rhino3D / Cinema4D). I achieved the level of an ACE (Adobe certified Expert) but it didn't had the expected influence on my income so I decided not to renew it.

Well, what else to say about me? Ah, yes I'm married and a father of 4! lovely but time consuming kids. But thanks to my wonderful wife (she is also designer & goldsmith) we are getting well. Together we run a small workshop where we're doing some model development & protoyping for a wide range of needs. Actually I can say that my interests are quite interdisciplinary - my wife & I have one "family rule": no matter what - there is always a solution!

And without my family I guess I won't be a part of the amazing Fab Academy Community. Also I believe that with the skills & knowledge I will (hopefully) achieve at the Fab Academy, will be a push & enhancement to my creativity. That will give me the chance to teach my children and other people who are interested to do equal - not only to consume but to be an active part of this world we're living in. At least to try to make a change. So I've got some important reasons to be successfull and an active member of the fablab family and I hope that this journey won't end with the final project.

Thank you for showing some interest in my work and progress.

Sincerely Konstantin

Fab Academy 2017
FabLab Kamp-Lintfort Germany