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Denis Terwagne
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These are my week by week assignments.

Week 1

principles and practices, project management

Week 2

Computer-aided design

Week 3

Computer-controlled cutting

Week 4

Electronic Production

Week 5

3D Scanning and printing

Week 6

Electronic design

Week 7

Computer-controlled machining

Week 8

Embedded programming

Week 9

Mechanical Design

Week 10

Output devices

Week 11

Machine design

Group project

A drawing spider machine

Week 12

Molding and casting

Week 13

Input device

Week 14


Week 15

Networking and Communications

Week 16

Interface and Application Programming

Week 17

Applications and Implications

Week 18

Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

Week 19

Project development

Final project

By making something from scratch to a finished project, the goal of the final project is to demonstrate the integration of all the skills learned along the FabAcademy.

  • The concept

    The physics tinkering kit

    The physics tinkering kit consists of simple tools for students that are hackable and that can be assembled and integrated easily to explore the world around us. More ...

  • The kit modules fabrication

    A programmable motor driver module

    This module allows to control stepper motors and DC motors in speed and direction. This module is standalone but can also be wired and controlled remotely from the central unit. More...

  • The camera module

    A Pi camera is controlled from the central module, a Raspberry Pi, which allows to process the images in live using python and openCV scripts. More...

  • Mechanical components and other modules

    The kit is meant to be assembled and disassembled. Everything holds in a suitcase. More...

  • Let's play with physics

    The physics of granular media on stage

    Using this kit and digital fabrication tools, we will make the uncommon behaviors of granular media tangible. Are grains solid or liquid ? What is jamming ? Why do we use crushed stones to fabricate railroad track ballast ? More...

  • Conclusions and acknowledgments

    Here are my conclusions

    What is the outcome of this breathtaking FabAcademy adventure ? This has been possible thank to a network of reliable and helpful people around us that I would like to specially thank. More...

  • Final presentation

    Short video and image presenting the final project. More...

About me

Here is a little bit about me.

Denis Terwagne


I am an experimental physicist fascinated by nature’s creative tips and tricks.

I love to explore new things, to dive into the unknown and to learn from others. This has become along the years a real way of living which has been eased by this new digital age. We have never been so close to any information and to anybody in the world that might have the answer to your question.

I leave in the countryside with my wife and my two kids. I love to garden and to tinker. I read permaculture books and try to implement those principles in my garden, my life and my teaching. There are so much similitude between a teacher and a gardener.

I am an explorer and citizen of the world. I travelled a lot. In 2011, my family and I went to Boston for a two year stay. I was a postdoc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and this experience boosted our life projects. I fell in love with MIT and its infinite opportunities and its handful of creativity.

Since 2014, we are back to Belgium. I am evolving as an assistant professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) where I am starting a new Soft Matter lab entitled Soft Structures and Surfaces trioS.lab ( my website ). My research interest is about the mechanics of surfaces and soft structures. For that I find my inspiration in the biological world such as the kingdom of plants for example. Thanks to digital fabrication tools and rapid prototyping tools, we devise model experiment (or synthetic analog) to question nature and to design new materials.

I try my best to make this world a better place. With that purpose in mind, I love to try new things: new ways of teaching, new ways of performing research, … this is so energy consuming but it is so rewarding. The people encountered during this journey are just fabulous and some of them will be joining me for this FabAcademy adventure.