Who I am and why I design

My name is Shiyao Gu. I am from the great city of Shanghai. I used to be a nerd when I was in middle school. When I reflected on my sad experience at the time, I can always remember how I failed to talk to the girl sitting next to me. This is how the story of this project starts.

What I do and my experience

For me, electronic design is a way of expression, so I want to use LED lights to symbolize my heart. This idea first came to my mind when I watched a Korean Drama, in which the director dramatized the reaction of a boy when he sees a girl and used a cartoon heart to symbolize the boy's nervousness.

My goals

I think a genuine expression is one kind of art. I want to use the detection of heart beat as a source of input, and use the change of frequence in heart beat to channel the change of human fellings. As a result, I want to show how does a guy feel reacting to a girl he sees through analyzing his heart beating frequency.


Feel Free To Contact Me

Maker Gu, Shanghai, China. Email: shiyaogu@126.com