Soon I'll learn 30 digits of Pi by heart

Скоро я буду знать число Пи до тридцатого знака после запятой

Привет! Меня зовут Глеб, и мне дали заказ на изготовление интерактивного арт-объекта.

Hi! I'm Gleb and my university ordered me an interactive art object.

Current final project update

Актуальное состояние финального проекта

What I'm going to do

Что я собираюсь сделать

So, I got a commercial order from my department to make an art object represanting the number pi. The requirements were: it should be big and have a university logo.

В общем, я получил коммерческий заказ от своей кафедры на создние арт-объекта, отображающего число пи.

Polytech logo

What was done before

Что было сделано до этого

One of our universities spin off companies, Photomechanics, specializes in making turntables, so I had a lot in common with them but I also had to make a table on which electricity would be provided so I had to borrow some experience (and electrical parts) from desigers of tea kettles who have already made a high current rotating contacts. Another thing is that I wanted to apply my 2.5D milling experience: make a spherical place for a steel ball.

Одна из образовавшихся в университете компаний, Фотомеханика, специализируется на изготовлении поворотных столов, так что у меня есть много точек соприкосновения с их проектами, но мне надо было сделать стол с электрическими составляющими на поворотной части, так что мне надо было позаимствовать опыт дизайнеров чайников и некоторые детали, так как они уже реализовали такое решение. Также мне хотелось применить свои навыки в 2.5D фрезеровке, чтобы изготовить сферические посадочные места под шары.

List of components and components

Список материалов и компонентов

Name Purpose Price per project (1 USD = 67 RUB)
Plywood - a lot Turntable, stand, numbers, university logo, lightbox, mockup 147$
Plexiglass 1500x1500 mm LED cover on turntable and logo 60 $
White LED, 60 diodes/meter, 14.4 Watt/meter, 5050 smd diode type x20m Lights 120$
25 mm bearing ball x12 Turntable 10$
Textolite FR1 200 x 200 mm LED controller, capacitive touch sensor 5$
AtTiny45 x1 LED controller, capacitive touch sensor 4$
12V to 5V converter x1 LED controller, capacitive touch sensor 1$
12V 400W Power supply x1 LED controller, capacitive touch sensor 40 $
Transistor x1 LED controller 0.5$
Teakettle x1 Current collector 10$
12V DC motor x1 LED controller, capacitive touch sensor 100$

List of nodes, technologies and dates

Список узлов и технологий

Node Technology Due date
Stand Milling July, 1st
Digits Milling July, 1st
Letter Pi Milling, laser cutting July, 5th
Turntable Milling, laser cutting July, 10th
Sensor Milling July, 18th


Altough I prefer Solidworks, it' much easier to make a .dxf with a lot of contours in a 2D editor as Corel draw if you don't want to make assemblies. So, it's 50% Solidworks (table, stand, letter Pi) and 50% Corel draw (digits, plexiglass cover) in my project. You can look through my CAD assignment to look for details.


After making the models I had to produce all the parts and git to assembling, and as in laser cutting it's not very tricky, to mill the numbers and the table, I had to use ArtCam in order to get the G-codes for the milling machine. Also, to make my pcb, I used fabmodules. All the parametrs I used are in previous assignments (Electronics production, Computer-controlled machining).

Producing and assembling

This process is mostly interesting for me because I was involved in it but as I want to share my results with you I made a video/slideshow about it. Music by my friends Marks on Mars

What I did here

The main idea was to make controllable lightbox with capacitive sensor which would look something like this:

To make it real, I combined three assignments: Electronic design, Input devices and Output devices to create two boards: one is power supply only, other - sensor and control signal for transistor.

List of components

  • Attiny45
  • L7805
  • PBC69
  • Arduino 12V Jack
  • 47uF 25V Electrolytic capacitor X2
  • SMD1206 1MOhm res
  • SMD1206 10KOhm res
  • SMD1206 500Ohm res
  • SMD1206 1uF ceramic capacitor

Learn more about control board here (input device assignment)

Learn more about power supply board here (electronic design assignment)

Learn more about milling boards here

But I was too afraid to run out of time, so I reduced my idea just to controlling lights on my table, yeah. Basically, it's a capacitive sensor which controls a relay, (not a transistor, as I wrote previously, this transistor would be enormous). To make a pcb, I used Neil's step responce board as an example and added places to put transistor and connect power supply. Also I used a hand from previous assignments.

How I'm going to get paid and let everyone do the same

As my project is already profitable for me because it's a commercial order from my university and it has no major inventive things, I don't see any reasons to prevent other people from making stuff like I did and make their own profits. So, I'll leave my content on creative commons attribution share alike license (CC BY-SA) which means that somebody who will for some weird reason use my work as a basis for their own will have to make a refrence for me as an author and also share his/her work on the same conditions. Basically it means that I make my own competitiors, yet, as I already have some more experience in making my project, I'd probably be more demanded than them. You can read more about licenses here

FabAcademy assignments

Задания FabAcademy

Week 18/18 Неделя 18/18

Assignment 1.1 Prinsiples & Practices Задание 1.1 Основы

In which I tell you my pre-Academy thoughts on my project.
One day I'll look at this page and realize how completely wrong I was.

В котором я рассказываю моё видение проекта до Академии.
Однажды я взгляну на эту страницу и пойму, насколько сильно я был неправ.

Assignment 1.2 Project management Задение 1.2 Управление проектом

In which I awake some old skills, play with Git sandbox,
install Dreamweaver and discover glory of Bootstrap.

В котором я вспомнию от, что когда-то умел, играюсь с Git, устанваливаю Dreamweaver и познаю чудо Bootstrap.

Assignment 2 CAD Задание 2 САПР

In which I make 3D models on my smartphone,
make an assembly and render it.

В котором я делаю 3D модели с телефона,
создаю сборку и делаю её рендеры

Assignment 3 Computer-controlled cutting Задание 3 Программно-управляемая резка

In which I make parametric plywood storage section
and cut a fancy sticker for my laptop.

В котором я делаю параметрическую фанерную секцию хранения
и вырезаю клёвую наклейку на ноутбук.

Assignment 4 Electronics production Задание 4 Производство электроники

(2ND EVALUATION EDITION) In which I produce FabISP and I do it right.

В котором я травлю плату, терплю неудачу,
фрезерую плату и делаю арку из резисторов.

Assignment 5 3D-printing and scanning Задание 5 3D-печать и сканирование

In which I print and scan and have a lot of fun.

В котором я печатаю, сканирую и веселюсь теряю рифму английской версии заголовка.

Assignment 6 Electronics design Задание 6 Разработка электронных плат

(2ND EVALUATION EDITION) In which I use Sprint Layout to make the quickest design ever

В которой я становлюсь лучше в фрезеровке, но пайка всё ещё остаётся проблемой

Assignment 7 Computer-controlled machining Задание 7 ЧПУ-Фрезеровка

In which I have an aMAZEing week and freeze SolidWorks

В котором я каламбурю по-английски и свожу с ума свой софт

Assignment 8 Embedded programming (week 9) Задание 8 Программирование контроллера (неделя 9)

In which I find flaws in my pcb design
but make a program anyway

В которой я нахожу ошибку в дизайне платы
но всё равно программирую её

Assignment 9 & 10 Mechanical and machine design Задание 9 и 10 Разработка машины

In which I do a lot of things to make a group project

В котором я делаю много чего, чтобы сделать групповой проект

Assignment 11 Input devices Задание 11 Устройства ввода

(2ND EVALUATION EDITION) In which I design a capacitive switch

В котором я чувствую магнитные поля и эпично даю пять

Assignment 12 Molding and casting Задание 12 Формовка и литьё

In which I feel a bit Wild. As in Nick Wild.

В которой я снова делаю pun в заголовке, но его не перевести.

Assignment 13 Output devices Задание 13 Устройства вывода

(2ND EVALUATION EDITION) In which I control LED stripe through transistor

В котором я реанимирую один из моих старых проектов

Assignment 14 Composites Задание 14 Композиты

In which I participate in one hot (literally) project

В котором я участвую в огненном проекте

Assignment 15 Networking and communications Задание 15 Сети и свзяь микроконтроллеров

In which I make a very expencive blinking diode

В котором я делаю очень дорогой мигающий диод

Assignment 16 Interface and application programming Задание 16 Интерфейс и создание приложений

In which my computer talks to me

В котором мой компьютер говорит со мной

Assignment 17 Application and implications Задание 17 Применение

In which I give a lot of info on my final project

В котором я много говорю про финальный проект.

Assignment 18 Invention, intellectual property and income Задание 18 Изобретение, интеллектуальная собственность и доходы

In which I think of how I'm going to get paid and let everyone do the same

В котором я я думаю о том, как заработать самому и дать заработать другим

Assignment 19 Project development Задание 19 Развитие проекта

In which I make a summary of my final project and FabAcademy experience

В котором я отвечаю на вопросы и подвожу итоги

Lapser, Gleb Miroshnik, Fab Academy 2016

Lapser, Глеб Мирошник, Фаб Академия 2016