Designing and making smart-home devices and systems

My proposal for Fab Academy project is a product that is useful to people and enables them to comunicate better with their peers and environment. Thus, I choose to design and build a prototypical smart home device that is interactive and transmits data from user and environment to a computer device via wireless sensors. Navigate through the pictures below to see the progress of my work. Click on Final project to see details about the project.

Fab Academy Schedule

The Fab Academy course is scheduled to last 19 weeks (27.1.2016 - 8.6.2016); each week consisting of a different topic and ending up with accomplishing a task. The tasks and the study process are documented in the Study archive. The course ends with presenting the final project, in my case, the design and development of a functional prototype for a smart home panel. The final project presentations take place on June 15,17,20, and 22.

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